Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Have you ever gotten together with an old friend after years and years of the world passing you by.

Nothing in particular happened to your friendship. 

It just slipped away into school, differing life stages, children, different social activities...

But, when you have your long over due reunion...

it is just heavenly?

For some odd reason, God keeps bringing people from the past back into my life, and I am incredibly grateful for that gift.

Last night I had the pleasure of experiencing that gift once again.

What a wonderful night. 

I cant believe how quickly we were "no holds barred" honest with each other. 

What a blessing it was!

One thing that I cant get out of my head, was our discussion on friendship patterns.

Who are you repetitively picking to be your friends? Do you have a type of person that you seem to be "attracted" to friendship wise?
And, why? Why do you pick those people?

I have realized, that just because I have already picked my mate for life, doesn't exclude me from from making poor relationship choices.

Some women are attracted to a certain type of man when they are looking for their mate... 

I need to assess what I am attracted to in a friendship. 

 How much of myself am I giving? VS. What kind of energy are they bringing into the relationship?

Are they always coming into the relationship with sadness, despair, chaos? 
Or, are they bringing productivity, conviction, joy, peace?

I am not saying that my friends have to be perfect, on the contrary! I love wackiness, quirks, and honesty in a relationship.

I have many friends that fit this description, but I also find myself gravitating towards certain personalities because I am a "fixer" and nurturer. 

After all the "fixing" and nurturing... I am emotionally and spiritually exhausted.

And that isn't fair to my husband and son.

So, my duty in all of this, is to be keenly aware of who I am choosing to expend my emotional and spiritual energy and to be a good steward of myself. 

Do any of you struggle with this? Or find yourself picking the same type of friends over and over? 
What have you done to work through this? I want to know.

PS. Thanks for letting me ramble and get somethings off of my chest.

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  1. wow. this so speaks to my heart. I often wonder the same thing. I feel like i AM drawn to certain types of people and truly believe God places them in my life for a specific reason. they are usually a little bit wacky and we share similar views but they always challenge me just enough to keep it interesting!
    I have noticed that certain personalities are toxic and draining and no matter how much I want friendship to "work" some need to be left alone and left up to Him!

    I am so thankful that God (and Rachel) brought us together!!!