Saturday, June 26, 2010

Super Random

Here are a few things that are floating around in my head...

1: It's my ANNIVERSARY! 
Good gracious! I need to get back on the Atkins diet!
We have been married for 6 years today!
I know it may sound corny, but I truly do love him more than I did the day that this picture was taken. 

2:We are going out to celebrate...

By going out to dinner and getting tattoos..
 Well, we will see if it actually comes to fruition. 
But, we made inquiries to a couple of places and it is a first come first served type of deal.
And every time the mister and I go out, he gets a the crazy idea that we need to get tattoos... 

So here we are... maybe realizing his dream and sowing a wild oat or two.

3. I will be starting a book discussion of Francis Chan's, "Crazy Love".
I will be holding it in my backyard on Tuesday evenings @ 7:00pm. Starting in 2 weeks. 
Let me know if you are interested! I love it when God brings random people together for spectacular moments... 

So, no one is too random.

4. I have weddings on the brain.
Picture courtesy of Sweet & Saucy Bake Shop
One of my B.F.F.s is getting married and I cant stop thinking about weddings and how to make her day more special. 

What did you do at your wedding to make the day more personal and special to you and your groom?
Or, if there is one thing that you could go back in time and re-do, to make the day even more yours, what would that be?

I am beyond curious!

Hoping everyone is have a fabulous Saturday!


  1. Happy Anniversary and good luck with the tattoos! Do share! Oh, and I have weddings on the brain too. My niece is getting married in Sept. Both my kids are in the wedding and I am doing the candy station for the guest take homes.

  2. That wedding picture is soo adorable!! Happy Anniversary!!!
    As far as making our wedding day special...we tried to make everything we could (invites, flowers, candy bar, coffee bar, etc.)and we tried to ignore anything that went wrong (like an old lady knocking off the flowers on the isles during the ceremony or one of my bridesmaids almost fainting TWICE-drama queen). But it was really about the people who were there! They made us feel special! Thanks for making me remember!!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! i love this photo! you all were babies!! and you look FAB now - so hush!
    well we are making all the stuff we can ourselves to give it a personal touch. and we have been so blessed to have so many friends step in that it has made this whole journey SO special.

    thank u friend - for ur help & encouragement.
    i love you.

  4. Happy Anniversary! The picture of you two is adorable!

  5. DO the tattoo! That is so fun and special! However, once you get one (no matter how small) you'll want another one.

    I'm praying about you're Francis Chan study..I already put interesting in a bible study on Thurs nights, so we will see :)

    Lastly, I sang to Joel at my wedding. IT was pretty special!