Friday, July 9, 2010

Nerd Alert

I am a nerd on so many levels... and I am okay with it.

Exhibit A: I heart Twilight.

Yep. I am hosting a happy hour tonight with some fellow nerds and then going to see the movie.

Exhibit B: I am going a week after the opening so I don't have to fight the teens and the freaky Twi-Moms.

Yep. I am officially too old for midnight showings and squealing 16yr olds or 40 somethings.


I kinda feel better that I got that off my chest.


Besides watching my guiltiest pleasure tonight, I am so excited about making some tried but true recipes and experimenting with new recipes for these
lovely ladies.
The new recipes are...
Pomegranate Cosmos from my best imaginary girlfriend.
Beef Satay from my new favorite place for recipes.
Vanilla Lime Pineapple Skewers from my fellow nerd.


I am also looking forward to finishing a conversation without running to a little person after they had fallen, taking Wyatt to the bathroom right in the middle of a personal epiphany, or cutting up the kids' food and making sure they had eaten enough while mine gets cold.

Let's hear it for NERDY GIRL TIME!!!


  1. Love nerdy girl time! I saw Eclipse and it was so good! Have fun!

  2. Saw it on Monday because I too, had to wait till after the mad rush! So I am a nerd too and proud of it! You will not be disappointed by the way :)

  3. We went and saw it on the 4th, there was no crazy crowds and the movie is so GOOD!! Have fun and enjoy your nerdy girl time :D

  4. I absolutely LOVED Eclipse!! You're not alone my friend! :)