Friday, May 28, 2010

5 on Friday

I was driving around running some errands today and was thinking about all my favorite people, places, and things...  and thought I would jot them down.

Not that anyone cares...

I just want to get them out of my head and onto here so I can turn this brain off and take a nap.

First:  This is Brooklyn. She is my future Daughter-in-law... which is handy because my hubby and I are B.F.F.s with her mother and father.

She will be turning 3 this weekend and we cant wait to celebrate with her!

Not only that... She is the prettiest, spunkiest, funniest, most imaginative little girl I have ever met... 

And the fact that my son is in love with her doesn't hurt.

 Exhibit A:  The Culprit trying to give his "Book-a-lyn" a "hug".
(I put "hug" in parentheses because his pants are off and I really don't know what he is trying to pull.)

Second: I love that when I tell my son to do something, he proudly responds "OKAY CAPTAIN MOMMY!"

I like the ring of "Captain Mommy". I'm not gonna lie.

 Third: This place is so flippin' good. 

I don't really have a thing for sweets... but I sure do have a thing for fresh homemade baked goods. And they sure are fresh and delicious!

Fourth: To say that I adore my MOMs group is  putting it mild at best.

I have such a passion and fire in my heart for these women. I pray for them daily.

 I consider it pure joy to be heading it up next year with my amazing committee. 

Fifth: This makes returning e-mails and working in the office so much fun and less of a chore.

Let's be honest... Most of the time I am singing off key or rapping... depending on what station I choose.

It isn't pretty.

Be grateful that you haven't witnessed it.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!


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