Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Judge Judy

So... Over at my friend Rachel's blog, is a post about her honest desire to experience a natural VBAC childbirth with her next child....

And then the Judge Judys of the blogger community wieighed in...

I have to give our kind much credit ( let's be honest, there are no men here reading my blog)... to give her support while giving her underhanded advice or criticism..... amazing.

Well, this post isn't directly about her VBAC desires or the experiences of the women that posted on her blog... this is about being a Judge Judy.

Dont get me wrong, I love the actual Judge Judy person... I just don't care for it when I and others display her brash criticisms and judgments. 
Let's start with a bit of honesty... I am a Christian... Not an average christian that pulls it out at church and puts it away in social situations, I am amazed and proud of the changes in my character and quality of emotional health since seriously pursuing God.... I have been a "oh yeah I am a Christian too..." for most of my life... sprinkled in were true inspiring and captivating experiences with God.... but for the most part I ignored Him... I am soo over that. I have moved on to a relationship with Him.

That being said, my dear husband and I are actively pursing adopting our next child.
( I will explain more in an upcoming post)
We are in the beginning stages and have been experiencing one fantastic sign after another that this is the correct path we are on.

So.... if I am actively following God's path for my life and seeking His will....Why is it anyones business to tell me their horror stories, why it isn't a good idea, that they are scared for me... yes, I have gotten these responses...

Just like my friend Rachel, she was sharing her joy and the first inclination that we as humans get is to squash it....

My personal opinion... PLEASE correct me if I am wrong... is that, they are not trying to stop her or I from our personal paths as much as they are making themselves feel better about their own. ( I hope that makes sense.)

The very fact that I am adopting, to some people, means to them that they made the wrong decision in their life.That they should not have done medical interventions to become pregnant. And beilieve me... I have said nothing of the sort. I do not judge my fellow teamates (women) in their personal journeys with childbearing or desires to not have children. To each their own...

So... to wrap up this rambling post...(sorry I am feeling a bit tangental)....

I propose this....

You do what God is calling you to do... and I will do what God is calling me to do.... and we will be happy for each other for doing what God has called us to do in our own lives....

Can I get an Amen??


  1. amen!
    why do women want to tear others down based on their own issues? men don't do this!
    love the post.....looks like you're finding your place on here!

  2. Amen. Amen. A-MEN!! Why do I not know about this blog?! How do I not know about this awesome news?! and why is Judge Judy so popular anyway!? I love you friend and we need to hang for shizzle! AND A HUGE congratulations on this baby to come! I am over the moon excited right now!